Research & Development

Martinrea’s ability to develop new technology, products and manufacturing processes and our engineering and design capabilities are key factors in continuing to successfully pursue future business opportunities and in differentiating ourselves. Our research and development activities are closely tied to both customer-driven developments and solution-generating activities through improved design developments and manufacturing processes. We have developed considerable expertise, which includes technical knowledge, design experience, a leading engineering team, a leading research and development group and advanced computing tools. Martinrea employs computer programmers, research and development personnel and engineers who constantly update products and manufacturing systems and processes.

Examples of Martinrea’s proprietary technologies include:

  • capless refueling systems and the tubing product families of P-CAP® (Pilot Conductive Anti-Permeation);
  • E-P-CAP® (Elastomeric Pilot Conductive Anti-Permeation);
  • RE-P-CAP® (Reinforced E-P-CAP®);
  • X-PERM® (low cost, high performance 5 layer construction);
  • P-TEC®;
  • ZLT® (Zero Leak Technology high pressure fittings);
  • Infinicote®/Martincote® (a range of environmentally friendly, low cost, corrosion resistant coating for steel, stainless steel and aluminum, which was nominated for a PACE award);
  • the development of AluThinFer®, a thermal coating of cylinder linings in aluminum engine blocks, allowing the pistons of a combustion engine to run directly in the aluminum cylinder housing without cylinder holdings of cast iron needed to be cast into the engine block;
  • and certain approaches to metal joining techniques, hydroforming, space frame manufacturing and the combination of steel and aluminum products in assemblies.