Tooling and Die Making

Martinrea’s proficiency in the conversion of various parts into finished modules includes: robotic welding, staking, swage-locking, clip insertion and installation of quick connecting components. Martinrea has significant tooling expertise and capacity which assists it in obtaining and preparing for manufacturing operations. In 2010, Martinrea commenced operations of Martinrea Tech Tool and Die, a tool shop which is 50% owned by Martinrea and 50% owned by Arpad Takacs, a consultant to Martinrea and a leading expert in tooling. This operation assists in improving tooling and processing throughout Martinrea and, where appropriate, produces tooling itself.

Martinrea Honsel has its own tool shop in Nuttlar, Germany. Martinrea Honsel’s die making center operates across Martinrea and ensures know-how transfer across departments and ensures consistent quality in die making. Die makers, foundry specialists, engineers and process technicians work hand in hand to make process-secure large moulds for die and permanent mould casting. The die shop is certified to all customary standards. In development the die making centre relies on standard tools, such as CATIA and WorkNC, thus keeping the engineering and manufacturing data consistent from the CAD workstation to the machine in production. Among other things, the shop operates several 5-axis, high-speed machining centres, milling machines, drilling systems, a deep-hole boring machine, lathes, eroding machines and a spotting press. Unmanned production monitored by radio is standard.