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Martinrea’s vision is to make lives better by being the best supplier we can be in the products we make and the services we provide.

Martinrea's mission is to make people’s lives better by:

We are focused on building shareholder value on the principle of prudent, profitable and sustainable growth based on innovation. We can do this best by continuing to service our customers well, improving our products and processes, developing and utilizing the talents of our people and by making smart acquisitions.

We focus on operational improvements on a daily basis. The continued support of our customers in awarding us new business, in championing our continued growth, and in supporting our acquisitions is testament to our operational excellence. We remain soundly capitalized overall and focused on financial discipline at all of our plants. This will create shareholder value over time.

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Dividend History and Philosophy

In the second quarter of 2013, Martinrea’s board of directors approved, for the first time, a dividend to be paid to all holders of Martinrea common shares. Annual dividends are expected to be $0.12 per common share, to be paid in four quarterly payments of $0.03 per common share.

The declaration and payment of future dividends will be subject to the company’s cash requirements as well as satisfaction of statutory tests. In addition, the Board will assess future year’s dividend payment levels from time to time, in light of the company’s financial performance and the current and anticipated business needs at that time.

Dividends declared, or to be declared, are as specified in the company’s quarterly press releases posted on the company’s website or

Record and Payment Dates for Dividends

Subject to approval by the Board, the record date for dividends is usually set as the last day of each fiscal quarter and the payment date is usually two weeks after the record date.

Dividend Taxation

The Canadian Federal Income Tax Act and most provincial income tax legislation, provides lower level of taxation for Canadian individuals who receive eligible dividends. All of the dividends paid by the company to date have been eligible dividends and all dividends paid hereafter will be eligible dividends unless indicated otherwise.

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Analyst Coverage

​​​​​​​​​Firm​​​ ​​Analyst
CIBC World Markets ​Kevin Chiang
Krista Friesen
Seth Rubin
​​Cormark Securities David Ocampo
GMP Securities ​Ben Jekic
Anthony Prost
Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd. ​Michael Glen
​​Paradigm Capital ​J. Marvin Wolff ​​
​​RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Steve Arthur
Scotia Capital Inc. Mark Neville
Maxwell Schwartz-Labell
​TD Securities​​​​​ Brian Morrison
Meaghen Annett ​​
​BMO Capital Markets​​​​​ ​​Peter Sklar

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