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Light, strong, safe and fuel efficient

Martinrea is focused on innovation and using its lightweighting expertise in metal forming, aluminum casting, fluid systems and flexible assembly to help automakers curb vehicle weight, while at the same time improving a vehicle’s overall strength, safety and efficiency.

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Martinrea is one of the world's largest producers of lightweight cast aluminum engine blocks, transmission housings and structural components through its Martinrea Honsel business unit. Martinrea Honsel operates state-of-the-art high pressure and low pressure casting plants in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain and China and it also produces rolled and coiled aluminum plates.

Product Portfolio:

Engine Blocks
Oil Pans
Cam Carrier
Camshaft Housings
Transmission housings
Control Arms
Longitudinal Members
Cross Members
Shock Towers
Components for Electric Vehicles
Fabrication and Modules
Aluminum Plates
Aluminum Coils

Aluminum parts, Aluminum Plates, Aluminum Coils, Cross Members, Shock Towers,Components for Electric Vehicles, Fabrication and Modules, Longitudinal Members, Control Arms, Knuckles, Subframes, Engine Blocks, Oil Pans, Cam Carrier, Camshaft Housings, Transmission housings

Flexible Manufacturing banner parts


Martinrea supplies diverse and complex assemblies to global automakers from facilities in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Product Portfolio:

Front and Rear Suspension Modules
Front Vertical Corner Modules
Bus Frame Assemblies
Structural Parts & Fabrications
Metallic Tanks & Reservoirs
Metallic Racks & Containers

Flexible Manufacturing parts, Front and Rear Suspension Modules, Front Vertical Corner Modules, Bus Frame Assemblies, Structural Parts & Fabrications, Metallic Tanks & Reservoirs,  Metallic Racks & Containers

Fluids banner parts


Martinrea supplies complete fluid systems to global automakers from facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe and China.

Product Portfolio:

Fuel and Brake Lines and Bundles
Fuel Tanks
Fuel Fillers, including capless
EOC and TOC Lines
Powertrain Lines

Fluids parts, DPS Lines, EGR Tubes, AC Lines, Heater Core Inlet/Outlet Assemblies, EOC and TOC Lines, Steering Lines, Powertrain Lines, Fuel and Brake Lines and Bundles, Fuel Tanks, Fuel Fillers, including capless

Steering Lines
Heater Core Inlet/Outlet Assemblies
DPS Lines
EGR Tubes
AC Lines

Metallics banner parts


Martinrea supplies complex, lightweight, high-strength structural and chassis assemblies to global automakers from facilities in Canada, United States and Mexico.

Product Portfolio:

Class-A Surface Assemblies
Frame Rail Assemblies
Engine Cradle/Sub-Frames
Suspension Arms and Links
Cross Members
Suspension Twist Axles
Roof Assemblies
Door Beams

Complex Structural Assemblies
Radiator Support Assemblies
Dash/Plenum Assemblies
Mufflers and Exhaust Manifold Tubes
Roll-Formed Rockers/Headers
Roof Ditch Moldings
Window Belts
Decorative Surrounds

Metallics banner parts, Decorative Surrounds, Roof Ditch Moldings, Window Belts, Appliques, Roll-Formed Rockers/Headers, Mufflers and Exhaust Manifold Tubes, Dash/Plenum Assemblies, Radiator Support Assemblies, Complex Structural Assemblies, Bumpers, Door Beams, Roof Assemblies, Cross Members, Suspension Twist Axles, Suspension Arms and Links, Engine Cradle/Sub-Frames, Class-A Surface Assemblies, Frame Rail Assemblies,