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Making lives better … [by] being positive contributors to our communities and good corporate citizens.

We are a company built on strong values and we run our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We protect the environment, respect the law, support universal human rights and contribute to communities around the world.

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Martinrea is committed to ensuring the responsible use of natural resources and the prevention and reduction of negative environmental impacts like emissions, energy and water consumption, or waste generation, and not to endanger the environment.

Martinrea is subject to environmental regulation by the federal, provincial and municipal authorities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Brazil and China. In some locations, we are required to participate in public regulatory reporting, including making certain information available on our website. Martinrea’s operations involve the use of equipment and products, which are subject to regulatory guidelines and must becontrolled in accordance with applicable standards. Martinrea’s operations also produce various wastes, which must be handled, stored, transported and disposed of in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Martinrea is currently in compliance in all material respects with all environmental legislation and regulations to which its operations are subject. All manufacturing facilities have received, or are in the process of receiving, ISO 14001 or functionally equivalent environmental certification, where required.

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Corporate Compliance

The company’s most precious assets are its people and its reputation for integrity, in its products and in how they are made. The company believes it must be clear on what it stands for, and honour its commitment to its people, customers, owners, lenders and communities. Martinrea is committed to doing business in a legal, ethical, honest and responsible manner. The senior management has consistently reinforced this message through all levels of the company.

Martinrea complies with all applicable laws in the jurisdictions in which it operates. The Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Conduct to:

  • Act honestly and ethically and in the best interests of the company.
  • Comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • Not use or disclose any confidential information acquired as a result of a person’s role with the company.
  • Avoid all actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships, ethically handling such actual or apparent conflicts of interest.
  • Not take any opportunity that belongs to the company or is discovered through the use of corporate property, information or position; or use any corporate property, information or position for personal gain.
  • Not compete with any business activity of the company.
  • Promptly and accurately provide all necessary information to assure that the company’s public reports, documents, filings and communication are full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable and that the company’s public disclosure requirements are fully met.
  • Promptly report any known violations of this Code to the Audit Committee Chairman.
  • Not permit retaliation of any kind against good faith reports or complaints of violations of this code or other illegal or unethical conduct.

The code is an integral part of Martinrea’s ethical backbone. In today’s world, with Martinrea operating in various countries, the expectations for responsible business conduct are higher than ever. Martinrea’s customers, partners and shareholders trust the company will maintain and uphold the law and the highest possible standards of ethical conduct. The Code of Conduct is reviewed at least annually.

The company implemented training, on-line and in person formats, to help its people understand and apply key rules to help ensure all business activities are conducted with the highest level of fairness, honesty, integrity, and ethical standards and to know where they can go for guidance if ever unclear about the right course of action.

The company also maintains a confidential and anonymous whistle-blowing line, which is administered by a third party to allow employees to report violations or suspected violations of applicable laws or accounting standards without the fear of retaliation.

Martinrea has numerous corporate policies in place (in addition to the Code of Conduct) to ensure ethical and legal compliance. Examples include policies dealing with workplace violence and harassment, anti-trust compliance, privacy, and IT procedures.

The company’s Health Safety and Environmental Policy, sets out the company’s continued commitment to conducting its business in a way that aligns with internationally accepted principles for working conditions and corporate responsibility.

Martinrea adopted vision and mission statements and a set of 10 Principles to help the company achieve its goals and to provide guidance to employees on acceptable behaviour and how to apply these principles to their jobs. One of our guiding principles is the “Golden Rule” – treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Supply Chain

Social responsibility is an increasing focus of the Martinrea’s customers, governments and the end user.

Martinrea’s contracts require that suppliers comply with certain legal requirements, including the company’s Code of Conduct, compliance with laws, environmental responsibility and customer requirements and a failure to comply with these requirements could result in termination of the contractual relationship.

The company also supports its customers with conflict minerals reporting to help ensure that conflict minerals such as gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin which are sourced from mines under the control of armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo and certain neighboring countries, are not used in automotive parts and assemblies. The company also expects similar reporting from its suppliers, where required.

Martinrea strives to continuously help customers to create vehicles that are light, strong, safe and more fuel efficient.

Martinrea values supplier diversity and supports diversity through many purchasing initiatives, including to help support its customers meet their requirements for supplier diversity.

Martinrea was honoured in 2017, for the second year running to be awarded by GM with the Supplier Impact Diamond Award for Top Diversity Performance and by Ford Motor company, for the third consecutive year, receiving a Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Performance in Tier Two Sourcing.


Martinrea is committed to the fair treatment of employees, a safe, healthy and diverse workplace, competitiveness of wages and open communication. The company believes that providing employees with a safe and pleasant working environment is an important factor in maintaining labour productivity and goodwill in order to produce quality products. The company believes that it has a strong relationship with its employees. The future success of the company depends in part on its ability to attract and retain qualified people. In addition, Martinrea is committed to an operating philosophy based on fairness, dignity and respect for people, as well as fostering our diverse culture. Accordingly, the company adopted an Employee Bill of Rights, still relevant today.

  • Health and Safety

    Martinrea has a strong commitment to workplace health and safety and the prevention of occupational injury and illness. Martinrea's objective is to continuously improve its health and safety performance and meet or exceed industry standards. A safe and healthy workplace is created through the combined effort and participation of leadership and employees.

    Leadership is responsible for establishing and maintaining health and safety policies, programs, safe-work practices and resources and employees are responsible for maintaining safe and healthy work conditions. Prevention is the goal and all parties will continue to work together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

    The company has a disaster response and recovery plan in place at each facility to protect the health and safety of the employees and to ensure disruption to the company’s operations are minimalized in the event of an environmental issue.

  • Human Rights

    Martinrea respects the dignity of every human being and supports the compliance with internationally recognized human rights. We reject all forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse of our employees. We respect the freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of association.

    The company condemns child labor and respects the rights of children. They comply with the applicable laws and regulations regarding the minimum age for admission to employment or work.

    Martinrea compensates employees to enable them to meet at least their basic needs and provide the opportunity to improve their skill and capability in order to raise their social and economic opportunities.

  • Promoting Diversity

    The conduct with each other is characterized by respect and tolerance, and is free of discrimination or harassment due to gender, race, ethnic, national or social origin, age, religion, political or sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or other characteristics protected under law. Tolerance and equal opportunity are pre-requisites to a pleasant work environment. The opportunities of the employees depend exclusively on their performance, capabilities and competences depending on the requirements of their respective working place.

    The company has a diversity policy and continuously promotes diversity and strives to create an inclusive work environment at Martinrea.

  • Accessibility

    Martinrea is committed to treating all people in a way allowing them to maintain their dignity and independence. The company is committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and meeting accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) in Ontario, as well as in accordance with the applicable requirements in other regions in which we operate. Where the complete removal of barriers is unattainable, Martinrea will attempt to accommodate persons with a disability in an appropriate and effective manner. We believe in integration and equal opportunity, and thus we aim to create an inclusive culture.

    Martinrea has developed and will maintain a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (the “Accessibility Plan”) setting out Martinrea’s plan for preventing and removing accessibility barriers from its workplaces and meeting applicable requirements. The Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated at minimum once every five years.

  • Commitment to our Communities

    Core to Martinrea’s Mission is to be good corporate citizens and positive contributors to the communities they operate within. As such, the company emphasizes the need to support its people by being involved in the local clubs, events and charities enriching their communities. Martinrea often supports community athletics, arts, education, healthcare and other charitable organizations.

    Martinrea has recently introduced a global charitable giving program for its employees called “Making People's Lives Better.” Making lives better in communities has been a foundational belief from the beginning, encouraged by the leadership and embraced by the people. Making lives better is directly reflected in its vision, principles, as well as in its diverse culture.